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Sourcing Reinvented, Data Reimagined.
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Our Mission: Increase the efficacy and altruism of the Sourcing/Recruiting industry. In turn, we aim to change the search results for “recruiters are…”


Our Vision: To be an organization comprised of thought leaders, SMEs, and industry influencers. We are building the “Justice League” of Sourcing. 


Wayne Tech provides global and industry-agnostic talent acquisition services that have reinvented the sourcing/recruiting model. The industry is moving to a gig economy-- the days of hourly work are being phased out. The days of clear expectations and deliverables are being phased in.


Historically, recruiting metrics begin at the outreach stage of the funnel (emails sent, response rate, interviews scheduled, etc.)  Wayne Tech is providing true sourcing data such as talent mapping, individual platform results comparison, and specific boolean efficacy. We have created a model solely based on deliverables rather than hours to ensure you are getting what you want, every time. This offers full transparency, repeatability, and previously unavailable sourcing data.

Wayne Tech has access to more recruiting software than any company on the planet. We offer training on tooling, process and workflow, sourcing, messaging, and qualification calls. 

Meet Some of Our Clients


Walter P. Moore

 Whole Foods

Waste Management

Ross Stores

New York Times

Applied Materials

D.E. Shaw


Redis Labs


SAB Biotherapeutics


Wyman Gordon


Industry Affiliations

RecruitingDaily - Contributing Authors, Webinar Presenters, Conference Speakers


ATAP - Executive Board Member, Editor, Contributing Authors


SourceCon - Conference Speakers, Webinar Presenters, Contributing Authors


ERE - Conference Speakers, Webinar Presenters

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