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How to Recruit and Retain Top Talent
DFW Business Culture - Tom Niesen 
  • The ethics of modern recruiting.

  • How to find employees that fit YOUR company.

  • How to set yourself apart from the competition.

  • Why a strong culture will attract better job applicants.

Let's Stop Talking About D&I as a Strategy
Hire Power Radio - Rick Gerard
  • Why is Diversity & Inclusion such a hot topic?
  • Why is this important to Organizations?
  • Shouldn't we just be concerned with hiring the best person?
  • If D&I isn't a strategy, how do we accomplish it?
Recruiting Challenges and Tooling - Rob Stevenson 
  • PR problems facing recruiters

  • Common recruiting team training problems

  • Hot Recruiting Tooling

The Opportunity and Challenge of Recruiting Remotely
Recruitment DNA - Max Notis
This is an in-depth and very personal conversation with our Founder, Mike "Batman" Cohen, where he discusses his transition from office worker of 9+ years to remote employee. Learn from his successes, failures, tooling adoption, and the advice he wish he could give himself 4 years ago.
The Recruiting Animal- Mike "Batman" Cohen
The Recruiting Animal - Bill Vick
Listen to Animal discuss (in his unique way) delve into all of the subtle points of high-end and creative sourcing models. Learn about the most modern tools and approaches to an ever-evolving industry.
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